Curriculum Vitae

This page is a work in progress.

Work experience

Business Consultant Security – Expleo Group (Utrecht) – 2019 – Present

  • I have pentested multiple web applications and environments. Together with other members of the security team we found and reported on security issues like XSS, SQL Injections, file uploads, etcetera. The vulnerabilities were discussed with the clients and were fixed in a timely manner. In some cases, a retest was executed some time later. Due to the confidential nature of these assignments, it is not possible to go into detail about these. Although some early assignments were done using Kali Linux, I started using Parrot OS in later assignments. I can use many of the tools in both (Burp, nmap, gobuster, Nikto, sqlmap, and more).
  • I have made a template for penetration testing reports. This template was used for multiple assignments, and cut down the reporting time significantly. This resulted in more time being available for security testing.

Agile Tester (as Consultant) – Greenwheels (Rotterdam) – 2020 – Present

  • I have automated regression tests for multiple REST API’s in Tricentis Tosca. This enables the business to know that the API’s still behave as expected after a change, resulting in happy users.
  • I have taken initiative to standardize the way of doing automated regression tests in the company by leading a migration of the testing software (Tricentis Tosca) to the latest version for all clients and servers. On top of that, the workspaces of all testers were merged and put into one version control system. This resulted in every tester being able to do automated nightly regression tests and work with the latest features the software offered. This also resulted in a standardized way of working for the testers.
  • I have used a servo motor, a Raspberry Pi, and the Python Flask framework to automatically swipe an OV-chipcard in front of a reader. With one API call, the servo motor turned, and the OV-chipcard was read by the reader. This resulted in me being able to get coffee while the tests run.